When a notification opened in an off-the-grid homestay in the foothills of the Himalayas on 13th April 2021, it was like — “Office was ruining my work vacation from anywhere,” she said, while she was planning on preparing a meal along with a pot of french press coffee for #breakfastwithaview.

A deadline-stricken content strategist in ‘New Normal’ finds ‘New Life.’

172 miles northeast of Delhi, the capital city, up near the serene top of the state of Uttarakhand, off the river, where you take a moment to decide which sign to drive through from, and instead you’ll perhaps find an…

To be or not to be — in Love

There’s a time you want to tell, and you don’t.

There’s a time you wish you could tell, but you were confused.

There’s a time when you think you should say, and you can’t.

There’s a time when you say, and…

People meet people.

Like each other’s presence;

Fall in love.

Then people judge people

and fall apart.

But wait, what about the ‘in-between’?

Umm, The unforeseen absence.

Caution: The words I am about to express are highly subjective: What pulls us apart is also what brings us together. …

Witty thought some thoughts, but the thought was unthoughtful. So, witty thought some more unthoughtful thoughts to make the unthoughtful thoughts better.

Yes, you have probably got the rhythm by now. So, let it absorb until it’s the only song you can think of in a loop. Tired, much. Don’t be. It’s just an occasional ritual that creative thinkers wish to snap out of in the middle of the night. …

The agenda these days — is to wake up with multiple plans to go somewhere, then realize you’ve got to stay home, stay safe. Then cancel all those dreams and plan the day again to at least do something.

Once bound to home, and especially when you live to travel…

Tanisha Makker

Writing for me is like being gloriously drunk in emotions, followed by a hangover of relief. So, if your passion led you here, may my words make you stay!

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